Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

Q: Why should I hire a Pest Control Professional?
A: Columbia Certified Pest Control technicians are educated and trained in pest control and management.  We provide treatment that will eliminate your pest problems in a safe and efficient manner.
Q: What are all your service areas?
A: We service Columbia, Lexington, Blythewood, Irmo, Winnsboro and Surrounding.
Q: How long does it take to see results after treatment?
A: Most results are immediate and last a long time. Results vary depending on the insect. Fleas, ticks, and bed bugs may take more than one treatment.
Q: What should I look for in a pest control company?
A: Not all pest control companies are the same. Check that the company is licensed, has a good reputation, and can provide a guarantee.
Q: Are the products safe?
A: At Columbia Certified Pest Control, safety is our priority. We ensure a safe environment for family and pets.

Q: Is my cat / dog safe?
A: There is no concern to the safety of animals since the amount of active constituent that they may take in, either by contact while it’s wet or by ingesting it orally, is very small.
Q: Will the spray you use stain my carpet?
A: No, the emulsion Columbia Certified Pest Control spray does not stain. It’s a water based residual spray that doesn’t contain strong solvents which might affect coloring or finishes.
Q: Will the spray affect humans?
A: No, it will not affect you. The chemicals we apply are registered to be used in hospitals, schools and public places.

Q: Why should I go on a program for pest control?
A: Columbia Certified Pest Control has a strong focus on prevention.  Our preventive pest control approach keep pests out of your home year-round. Though you may not see them, insects are putting pressure on entering your home in every season.
Q: How do you deal with pests?
A: Whether it’s a minor problem or a large-scale infestation, our experts will evaluate the problem and describe the various treatment options to you. We will also recommend steps to be taken, such as sealing up entry points around your house to keep the pests from returning.
Q: Columbia Certified Pest Control treat the outside of our home, does rain affect that treatment?
A: Once the product applied has dried, a durable residual remains and will not be washed away by rain
Q: What are health risks associated with common pests?
A: To find out more about pest-related diseases visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  website.
Q: What can I do inside my house to keep pests away?
A: Keep all kitchen areas clean, check pipes for leaks and cracks, keep small areas dry and ventilated, and check packages and groceries brought inside the home. This method will help prevent spiders, ants, cockroaches and other pest from entering.
Q: I keep getting spiders in my house. How can I prevent future spider infestations?
A: Most of the time spiders are coming from tall trees or high areas and bushes etc. They can also come from neighboring properties. The best defense is to keep plants and trees from touching the roof and/or siding of the house. This will also keep ants and other pest from getting into the house. In addition to this we recommend the crawl space to be treated.
Q: I have a mouse running around in my house! What should I do?
A: The first step is to catch the live mouse using a mousetrap. Usually, where there is one mouse there are many. The mice are coming from outside into the crawl space. Because of this we will want to bait the mice right away to eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, homes are not built to keep mice out.
Q: We have rats and we know they are in other houses around the neighborhood. What do we do?
A: The first thing is to inspect your exterior for large openings or damaged screen vents.
Q: We have seen what looks to be carpenter ants around our property. If we see carpenter ants outside our house should we be worried?
 A: Yes! Carpenter ants will be looking for a place to harbor such as inside the wall voids of your home. We recommend that you at least get the outside of your home treated. We do this by treating the foundation of the property to prevent and/or control the carpenter ants. If you know that you have an existing infestation it may take more than one treatment or a possible void treatment.
Q:  How difficult are termites to treat?
A: Termites are nearly impossible for homeowners to treat on their own.  On the other hand, Columbia Certified Pest Control professionals have the training, expertise and technology to eliminate termite infestations. We have years of experience in Termite Control. Visit our Termite Extermination page.
Q: What are the different types of termite treatments?
A: There are two primary types of treatments available to Columbia Certified Pest Control customers: liquids and baits.  Liquids are used around a home area to ensure long-term protection. Baits systems involve placing monitoring stations in the ground.
Q: What is the most effective type of termite treatment?
A: A trained and licensed Columbia Certified Pest Control Professional is the best person to make a recommendation for each particular property.
Q: Can you really and truly control Mosquito’s in my back yard? Does it really work?
A: YES.  Columbia Certified Pest Control Mosquito Management and Mosquito Control Programs can and does work. A successful program is based upon educating our client, eliminating the mosquito breeding areas and making the prescribed treatment to the area on 30 day intervals to maintain control of the mosquito population. And YES, you can reclaim and enjoy your back yard.


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