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If you have ever dealt with a bed bug infestation before, you know how difficult getting rid of bedbugs can be. Unfortunately, letting bed bugs into your home is much easier. Bedbugs like to hitch rides on your clothing, in your luggage or purses, or on used furniture or clothing you may have purchased. Once they are in your home, they like to hide in small crevices, in your bedding or furniture, and the smallest areas of your home that you can think of. Bed bugs are small, flat insects that are active at night and they can be hard to kill without the right equipment and experience. Columbia Certified Pest Control has been exterminating bed bugs in Swansea for years and uses bed bug heat treatment to get rid of any bedbugs in your home or business, quickly and reliably.


If you aren’t sure what bed bugs look like, or where to look for them, bed bugs can be hard to detect. You may not even see a bedbug, but you might have noticed swollen red bumps on your skin, with a dark red center. Bed bug bites are itchy and can be painful, so if you have bed bug bites, you should start looking for other signs of bedbugs in your home, like insect casings or brown dots on your sheets or bedding. You might also find signs of bedbugs in your dressers, carpets, baseboards or even under your box springs. Because bed bugs are so small and flat, they can hide almost anywhere!  If you do find small, flat, brown, wingless insects, you probably have bedbugs. If you can’t find these other signs but still suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, contact the Professional Swansea Bed Bug Exterminators at Columbia Certified Pest Control. We will come to your home, inspect for bed bugs and if we find them, we will create a strategy to get rid of your bedbug problem once and for all.


If you have bought store bought bedbug extermination products, you might have noticed that they didn’t completely rid your home of bedbugs. They also may have solved the problem for a short time, but a few weeks later the bed bugs are back in force. This is because many store bought bedbug products kill the insects at one stage of their life cycle. So, you might have killed all of the adults, but a few weeks later their eggs might hatch leaving you with a new generation of bedbugs have already laid new eggs.

Our bedbug exterminators know that the best way to provide pest control for bedbugs in Swansea is with bed bug heat treatment. Our heat treatment process heats up all of the rooms in your home or business to 140 degrees, which eliminates bed bugs at every stage of the life cycle. This means we not only get rid of adult bedbugs, but nymphs and eggs as well. Once we have finished eliminating the infestation, we use an insect growth regulator spray that further ensures the bedbugs will not return any time in the future. The biggest benefit of our heat treatment is that, unlike other bed bug treatments, you don’t have to destroy bedding, furniture or clothing that has been infested by the bed bugs. That can save you a lot of money in the long run, because you don’t need to replace your belongings.


The quicker you exterminate the bedbugs in your home, the quicker you can get back to living a more normal life. Unfortunately, bed bugs can infest your home at any time of year and you may not be financially prepared for the additional expense of a bed bug exterminator. At Columbia Certified Pest Control, we don’t think that lack of money should be the reason that you have to live with bedbugs. That’s why we have partnered with Sweetpay to provide you with financing and payment plans than can help you afford the cost of bedbug extermination in Swansea. Click the link below and see if we can help you get financing to deal with your bed bug infestation.

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