Affordable and Reliable Bedbug Exterminator in Lexington SC

Certified Bedbug Exterminator in Lexington SC

Bedbugs are nocturnal, parasitic, bugs that feed on the blood of animals and humans. They are very small, which makes them difficult to detect until infestation becomes somewhat severe. Without treatment and extermination quickly, these blood eating pests can be extremely disruptive and costly in many ways. Keep in mind, when not feeding they do not just live in beds and bedding, but hide in electrical outlets, drawer joints, and even in the head of screws. Certified Columba Pest Control has options to keep your Lexington, SC  home bedbug free.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Your Lexington, SC Residence Is Infested With Bedbugs?

Signs of Bedbug Infestation include:

  • Small itchy reddish bites that may follow in small lines or clusters
  • Eggs or egg shells that are about 1mm in size
  • Rusty or reddish stains along edge of bedding or mattress
  • Live bugs

You have surely heard that bedbug infestation and extermination is costly, but hat does not have to be the case. With Certified Columbia Pest Control in Lexington, SC we will bring you the most effective and affordable treatment plans in the area. Here are some steps you can start to get your suspected bedbug infestation under control. If you have a bedbug infestation or suspect your home may have bedbugs, call the professionals at Certified Columbia Pest Control in Lexington, SC for your free consultation and inspection. It is a good idea to take the following additional action in advance of our assessment:

  • Start to remove any clutter or trash that could be harboring Bed bugs
  • Wash any clothing that has bed bugs in high heat water and dry in high heat dryer
  • Bag any soft toys or items that may not be machine washable

Columbia Certified Pest Control Bedbug Extermination Process

At Columbia Certified Pest Control, We take the extermination of bedbugs seriously. When you call one of our highly trained professionals we will come out and fully inspect your Lexington, SC home. Upon finding signs of bedbugs, we will implement an affordable action plan that works with you. Our services are guaranteed to leave your Lexington, SC home bedbug free. We start in the most common areas where bed bugs thrive and inhabitat. We do not just target the adult bed bugs. We want to exterminate the larvae so we can prevent the cycle from repeating. Once all adult and larvae are exterminated we will set up a course of action to ensure your Lexington, SC home is free and clear of bedbug pests.

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Pest Control Programs Available in Lexington, SC

At Columbia Certified Pest Control, we are committed to providing extermination programs that will suit your needs, all year long. Please take a look at the different programs that we’re currently offering in Lexington, Irmo, Winnsboro, Blythewood, Columbia, West Columbia and surrounding areas.

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