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Spiders you may find around or in your Lexington, SC home are arthropods with eight legs and venom injecting fangs. Even though not all are harmful to humans, they still make most of us a little uneasy. Spiders are the largest group of arachnids, ranking seventh in total species variety among other organisms. Although spiders may be good for keeping down other pests in your home, spiders can also be a danger. Residents of Lexington, SC, can encounter several different spider species in their homes, all of which can be difficult to control. Columbia Certified Pest Control has highly knowledgeable spider exterminators who are trained and familiar with all types of spiders. Columbia Certified Pest Control has developed specialized spider extermination strategies for all species, from the least harmful to humans to those with deadly bites. Contact Columbia Certified Pest Control for all your spider extermination needs today.

Expert Spider Exterminators in Lexington SC

You may find some of these popular spiders in or around your Lexington, SC residence:

American House Spiders
Black Widow Spiders
Brown Recluse Spiders
Wolf Spiders

The Black Widow and Brown Recluse can cause a serious harm to individuals bitten by them. In severe cases, bites from these may cause death, particularly to children and the elderly. Although some of these spiders do not pose a threat to life, even less harmful spider bites can lead to infection or severe inflammation if not treated properly. If you are a loved one is bitten by a spider, contact 911 immediately. If you suspect spiders in your Lexington, SC residence, contact our spider exterminators at Columbia Certified Pest Control for help.

Columbia Certified Spider Control Process

Due to the potential hazards and harm that spiders can cause, spider extermination is important for your Lexington, SC home. At Columbia Certified Pest Control, we help to insure your family and loved ones can rest easy at night. When Columbia Certified Pest Control sends an expert spider exterminator, we will ask you a few questions and do a thorough inspection of the most common hiding places these spiders may be hiding. Spiders love to hide and live in crawl spaces, basements and any damp, dark places in or around your home. Not only will we get rid of the adult spiders in your Lexington, SC residence, we will exterminate their eggs as well to prevent the cycle of recurring spiders. By treating the perimeter and exterior of your home, we can guarantee you a spider free home in Lexington, SC. Finally, should our technician find other pests, we are here to offer extermination services for other pests like cockroach, bedbugs, and termites.

Don’t let spiders scare you and keep you looking over your shoulder. We are your top choice exterminators in Lexington, SC and take pride in keeping your home and business spider and pest free. Contact us at 803-764-7866 or online for a free estimate or spider extermination and pest control.

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