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If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you are well aware that bed bugs aren’t pleasant. There are a variety of ways that bed bugs find their way into your home, but most often it is because they took a ride on your clothing, in your purse or luggage, or in some used furniture you purchased. While it’s easy to get bed bugs, getting rid of bed bugs is a much harder challenge because they like to hide in the smallest cracks and crevices in your home. If you do have a bed bug problem, they often bite, leaving swollen and itchy patches of skin when you were bitten. Columbia Certified Pest Control is available to provide high quality, affordable bed bug extermination for homes and businesses in Orangeburg SC. We use bed bug heat treatment to quickly and effectively exterminate bedbugs in your property.


It can be hard to identify bed bugs if you don’t know what you’re looking for or where to look. Bed bugs are flat, brown creatures that are active during the night and can hide in the smallest cracks in your flooring, bedding, carpeting, clothing, dressers, & box springs. You may notice small brown shells of dead bugs in your mattress or brown spots on your bed (which can be fecal matter left over from bed bugs). Another sign of bed bugs can be itchy red bumps on your skin that are potentially bed bug bites.  If you have some of these signs of bed bugs, Columbia Certified Pest Control can come out to your home or business, inspect for, and exterminate any bed bugs on your property.


Store bought bed bug treatments can sometimes help get rid of bed bugs, but they might not completely exterminate bed bugs from your home or business. This is because bed bugs are very resilient and store bought products may not kill bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle. At Columbia Certified Pest Control we utilize a bed bug heat treatment to exterminate all of the bed bugs in your home, no matter which stage of the life cycle they are in. Heat treatment kills bed bug eggs, bed bug nymphs and adult bed bugs, no matter where they are hiding. To do this, our bed bed exterminators in Orangeburg will heat up all of the rooms in your home to temperatures as high as 140 degrees, making sure all of the bed bugs are killed. Another benefit of bed bug heat treatment is that you don’t need to destroy or get rid of any clothing, furniture, or bedding that had previously been infested. Once we’re finished with the heat treatment, we apply an insect growth regulator to further guarantee that the bed bugs are gone and will stay gone.


At Columbia Certified Pest Control, we don’t think money should get in the way of living comfortably, that’s why we offer payment plans & financing for bed bug extermination in Orangeburg SC. For more information click the Sweet Pay logo before and get started on the road to a bed bug free home.

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